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Our 2021-2022 Winter Competitive soccer program has been developed and is ready to go. This winter we will provide  training -and competitive tournament opportunities for all players in our U8 through U19 age groups. If a player’s birth  year is 2014 through 2003 a player is eligible to play. Winter soccer (futsal) training is a great opportunity for our players  to enhance their technical and their tactical abilities. Players will work with trained coaches on important age  appropriate activities throughout the winter months and will have opportunities to participate in various tournaments  and events. At the conclusion of the Winter season, players will receive a written evaluation form from their age group  coach noting their strengths and areas of potential improvement.  

Players attending a tournament will be required to wear a Hub City Soccer competitive uniform. For those players who  do not already have a HCSC Uniform kit, information can be obtained from your Team/Age Group manager.  

Tournament Schedule: We obviously encourage our HCSC teams to participate in the HCSC Winter Invitational  Tournament at the Presentation College Dome. The PC Dome event is scheduled for the weekend of January 7th-9th,  2022. 

Other Possible Tournaments: Please visit to view various event dates/locations in South Dakota.  While this is a comprehensive list for South Dakota events, teams are not limited to these choices. Events will be offered  based upon input from players/parents, coaches, and HCSC staff.  

Training: Teams will train 1 to 2 times per week. Team attended events will obviously impact training times.  

Dates: Training will begin around the third week of November at Matchbox facility and the Winter season will conclude  in March.  

Costs: Winter Competitive Program = $179.00  

What is included in this registration fee: SDSSA and US Soccer registration fees, secondary insurance for players,  coaches cost for training, training equipment, training facility costs. For players in the U12 and younger age groups,  your competitive registration fee includes placement on a HCSC Winter Indoor Soccer Recreational League team, with  games at Matchbox (Players may “opt out” of this league as desired).  

What is NOT included in this registration fee: Any events/tournaments outside normally scheduled training.  Tournament cost information is included in the Winter Program informational/FAQ document.  

Registration: Can be completed online by using the following link: (If you do  not have a user name, you will need to set one up to continue). 

We look forward to seeing everyone this winter season and we are excited to provide you up to date details of the  competitive program. You can also visit our website, for further details and news.

2020-2021 Winter Soccer Information/Frequently Asked Questions 

What do tournaments & other events cost? Tournaments/events will be billed to players using the actual cost for the  event. Below is the formula:  

Tournament entry fee + coach expense ÷ the number of players attending + $17 per player administrative fee.   Here is example for a tournament that involves travel:  

 Tournament Entry Fee: $250 

 Cost of Coach/Coach Travel: $350 

 Total cost = $600 ÷ 8 players = $75 + $17 per player administrative fee = $92 per player for the  event.  

What does it cost to play in the HCSC invitational Tournament? The cost for a HCSC registered player to play in the  HCSC event is $40. There is no tournament entry fee for HCSC teams, and there is obviously no travel for coaches that is  needed, so the cost is significantly lower than it would be for an event with entry fees and travel.  

How does a player register for events/tournaments? The HCSC Office/Age Group Managers will distribute tournament  information to players. Players will be given a “deadline to commit” to an event, and if there is sufficient player interest  to form a team, a team will be registered for the event. Please note that tournament rosters will be formed based upon  the event, and these team rosters may be fluid over the course of the indoor season.  

What are the deadlines to register for events? The “deadline to commit” for any event will be clearly communicated in  advance, and will generally be 7 to 10 days prior to the registration deadline for the event. Players will have until that  deadline to commit (or un-commit) to the event, and once that deadline date arrives, the players will be locked into the  event, and the team will be registered. Please do note, if a player drops out of any event after the stated deadline to  commit, to be fair to the other players/families, they will still be liable for their portion of the tournament/event fees. 

When are Tournament/Event fees due? All tournament fees are due prior to team registration unless alternate  arrangements have been made with the HCSC office.  

Are there tournaments/events that teams are required or encouraged to attend? Players/Teams are not required to  attend any events. But, players/teams are obviously encouraged to participate in the HCSC Winter Invitational.  

How many players will HCSC roster for Winter events? Based upon the events number of players (i.e. .5v5, 6v6) roster  will require a minimum of (players) plus 1 with a maximum of (players) plus 3. For example, if the events is 6v6 the  rosters are required to have minimum of 7 players with a maximum of 9.  

Does HCSC have a play-up policy? Yes, please contact the HCSC office for information on “playing up”.  

Does HCSC offer any indoor Goalkeeper training? Yes, HCSC will offer goalkeeper specific training dates during the  Winter season. These goalkeeper training dates will be announced as the Winter calendar develops.  

Is Financial Assistance Available? Yes, HCSC has financial assistance programs available for families in need. Please  contact the HCSC office for more information.  

Can HCSC Players “dual register” or “guest play” with another soccer club? HCSC players must register with the  understanding that HCSC is their primary soccer club, and priority must be given to their primary club and teammates. If  there are dates when HCSC has no events scheduled, players may “guest play” with other clubs. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the HCSC office at 225-0088 or [email protected]


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